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Avengers/Hunger Games AU

Katniss is being recruited by Nick Fury because she is Natasha’s and Clint’s daughter. (Inspired by this gifset.)

Gabby Douglas gets a high-five from First Lady Michelle Obama during her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (x)


We know we’re not the first wolf show on TV. But we’re definitely the most fun.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge root for USA’s Missy Franklin to break the 200m backstroke world record, which she did. :)


I have been waiting all year to post this.


“I used to have two imaginary friends named Hamo and Damo. One of them was pink, and the other was blue. I don’t know why they were named Hamo and Damo, but we’d sing Barney songs together, as embarrassing as that is!”

+ favorite people: josh hutcherson

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“That’s my “I just got slimed face.” [x]