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Scott McCall is a gift.

Emotionally intelligent male protagonist.
Idolizes his mother
Respects his girlfriend
Is caring and supportive of his friends
Empathizes with his enemies
Believes in negotiaton and compromise over force


Scott McCall

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# I wanted so much more for this # Allison growing up and becoming a deputy # using her status to protect the people of beacon hills # having the sheriff as a mentor # getting closer to stiles when they go to work together # imagine # deputy argent and deputy stilinski # partners # beacon hills super secret supernatural cops # sent out on all the weird calls the sheriff gets # perpetually on the night shift # I’m getting carried away # but come ON # fucking give it to me! 

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He will do anything and everything to save the people he cares about.

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We protect those who cannot protect themselves.

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teen wolf meets cards against humanity

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You’re just a 17-year-old little girl and this is all too much for you to handle.

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scott holding his newborn daughter and saying “i always knew that there would be an allison mccall in my life” (◡‿◡✿)

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Listen, my gorgeous, young niece…

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there is fire in your blood

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